Scientific Program


  • Day 1 – October 29
  • Day 2 – October 30
  • Day 3 – October 31
  • Day 4 – November 1
  • Poster Presentation – October 31

Oct. 29, 2023, Sunday

14.00 – Check-in to the Congress hotel, Sherwood Exclusive Lara Hotel
15.00 – Registration
20.00-23.30 100th Anniversary of the Republic  of Türkiye Ball (Gala Dinner)

Oct. 30, 2023, Monday

08.30 – 09.15 Opening Ceremony
09.15 – 09.30 Coffee Break

Invited Speaker Presentations (1-3) – Hall A

Chair: Jitendra Paliwal – University of Manitoba
09.30 – 10.00 ISP-1: Hyperspectral Imaging Technology: A Novel Nondestructive Tool for Detecting and Evaluating Agricultural and Food Products
Da-Wen Sun – University College Dublin
10.00 – 10.30 ISP-2: Building a Sustainable Energy Future
Yunus Çengel – University of Nevada
10.30 – 11.00 ISP-3: An Exergy-Based Design of An Agricultural and Horticultural Slow-City Compound with Solar, Wind, and Geothermal Energy with Circular Hydrogen
Birol Kılkış – Fellow ASHRAE, Ostim Technical University
11.00-11.30 Presentation of Türk Traktör, Main Sponsor
11.30-11.45 Coffee Break


Oral Presentations (1-4)
Chair: David Herák – Czech University of Life Sciences
11.45 – 12.00 OP-1: Autonomous Ground Vehicle for Weeding Activities: Preliminary Sustainability Assessments
Giuseppe Todde
, Gabriele Sara, Daniele Pinna, Stefania Sole, Maria Caria
12.00 – 12.15 OP-2: Evaluation of Hydration State around Glycerol as a Humectant using Microwave Dielectric Spectroscopy
Nao Takeuchi
, Keiichiro Shiraga, Miho Morita, Yuichi Ogawa, Naoshi Kondo
12.15 – 12.30 OP-3: Discharge Coefficients for Adjustable Slot Inlets Used to Ventilate Animal Production Buildings
John P. Chastain
12.30 – 12.45 OP-4: Combining Digital Image Processing and Machine Learning is Useful for the Early Detection of Salinity and Drought Stresses in Cucumber
Parvin Mohammadi, Keyvan Asefpour Vakilian
12.45 – 13.30 Lunch Break


Oral Presentations (5-8)
Chair: Poulek Vladislav – Czech University of Life Sciences
13.30-13.45 OP-5: Enabling Insecticide Spot Application on Boom Sprayer by Developing Machine Vision and Communcation Components
Ahmad Al-Mallahi, Mozammel Bin Motalab, Imran Hassan, Travis Esau
13.45-14.00 OP-6: Optical Techniques for Automated Evaluation of Seed Damage
Mohammad Nadimi, Jitendra Paliwal
14.00-14.15 OP-7: Estimation of Vitamin A Concentration in Cattle Blood Based on Fluorescence with/without Blood Cell Separation by Plasma Filter
Mizuki Shibasaki,
Tetsuhito Suzuki, Nanding Li, Moriyuki Fukushima, Tateshi Fujiura, Takahiko Ohmae, Norio Nishiki, Yuichi Ogawa, Naoshi Kondo
14.15-14.30 OP-8: A Network Compaction Strategy to Reduce the Cost of Detection Networks Deployed in Edge-AI Devices: A Case Study for Grading Canola
Angshuman Thakuria, Chyngyz Erkinbaev
14.30-14.45 Coffee Break


Oral Presentations (9-12)
Chair: Keyvan Asefpour Vakilian – Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
13.30-13.45 OP-9: Exploring Transfer Learning for Enhanced Seed Classification: Pre-trained Xception Model
Yonis Gulzar, Zeynep Ünal, Shahnawaz Ayoub, Faheem Ahmad Reegu
13.45-14.00 OP-10: Classification of Pistachio Nut using Convolutional Neural Network
Khaled Idress, Y. Benal Öztekin, Omsalma Alsadig Gadalla, Geofrey Baitu
14.00-14.15 OP-11: Deep Learning as a New Technique to Detect Plant Leaf Diseases
Ako Kakarash Omer, Y. Benal Öztekin
14.15-14.30 OP-12: Definition of Reference Models for Functional Parameters and Price for Mowers and Mowers-Conditioners
Daniele Pinna,
Cristina Pornaro, Gianantonio Armentano, Stefano Macolino, Francesco Marinello
14.30-14.45 Coffee Break


Oral Presentations (13-16)
Chair: Birol Kılkış – Fellow ASHRAE, Ostim Technical University
14.45-15.00 OP-13: Impact of Building Geometry, Window Types, and Materials on Daylighting Performance of Livestock Buildings
Sheikh Rishad Ahmmad, Maria Vilain Rørvang, Niko Gentile, Knut-Håkan Jeppsson, Marie-Claude Dubois
15.00-15.15 OP-14: Development of Design of Solar PV Panels within Last 25 Years – Possibilities for Renovation
Vladislav Poulek, Jana Šafránková, Martin Libra
15.15-15.30 OP-15: Estimating Tall Fescue and Alfalfa Forage Biomass Using an Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Ali Bülent Koç, Curtis Erwin, Matias Jose Aguerre, John P. Chastain
15.30-15.45 OP-16: Tracking Hydraulic Performance of Photovoltaic Pumping System using Solar Radiation Data: An Empirical Model
Assia Harkani, Hajar El Khalfi, Hicham Fihri Fassi, Abdellah El Aissaoui
15.45-16.00 Coffee Break


Oral Presentations (17-20)
Chair: Daniele Pinna – University of Padova
14.45-15.00 OP-17: Evaluation of Air Conditioning Parameters in Semi-closed Greenhouses According to Turkey’s Climate
Mohammed Hassan, Hasan H. Silleli
15.00-15.15 OP-18: Effect of Different OLR and Mixture Ratios on Biogas Production using Goat Dung and Maize Silage
Aslı Ayhan Arslan, Şeniz Öziş Altınçekiç, Emine Budaklı Çarpıcı, Halil Ünal, Ufuk Alkan, Kamil Alibaş
15.15-15.30 OP-19: Mapping Biomass Energy Potential from Agricultural Residues in Tanzania
Geofrey Prudence Baitu, Khaled Adil Dawood Idress, Omsalma Alsadig Adam Gadalla, Y. Benal Öztekin
15.30-15.45 OP-20: The Effect of Different Tillage Methods on Plant Emergence Parameters for Wheat
Zeliha Bereket Barut, Serkan Özdemir
15.45-16.00 Coffee Break


Online Keynote Presentations (1-4)
Chairs: John P. Chastain – Clemson University
16.00-16.30 OKP-1: Robotics for Crop-Load Management in Tree Fruit Crops
Manoj Karkee – Washington State University
16.30-17.00 OKP-2: Precision Agricultural Technology Transition in Fruit/Berry Crops Production Management
Lav Khot – Washington State University
17.00-17.30 OKP-3: A Greenhouse Plants Heating System Based on Low Temperature Long Wave Radiation Emission
George Papadakis – Agricultural University of Athens
17.30-18.00 OKP-4: Development of Thermoset Epoxy Resin Film from Soybean Oil
Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan – South Dakota State University

Oct. 31, 2023, Tuesday

Invited Speaker Presentations (4-5) – Hall A

Chair: Martin Libra – Czech University of Life Sciences
08.45-09.15 ISP-4: Robotics and Perception in Agriculture, Challenges to a Fully Automated Process
Fernando Auat Cheein – Heriot-Watt University
09.15-09.45 ISP-5: Smart Agriculture and its Connection to the Digital Twin’s Ideas
David Herák – Czech University of Life Sciences
09.45-10.00 Coffee Break


Online Keynote Presentations (5-8)
Chairs: Hong Liu – Oregon State University, Serap Görücü – University of Florida
10.00-10.30 OKP-5: Flying Lora-Drone Gateway for IoT Monitoring in Oil Palm Plantation
Samsuzana Abd Aziz – Universiti Putra
10.30-11.00 OKP-6: Key Technologies for Fully Intelligent Production of Kiwifruit
Longsheng Fu – Northwest A&F University
11.00-11.30 OKP-7: Detecting the Basal Stem Rot (BSR) Disease using Vegetation Index, Thermal Imaging, and Machine Learning
Siti Khairunniza Bejo – Universiti Putra
11.30-12.00 OKP-8: Exploring the Impact of Dust on Photovoltaic Performance: An Overview of Historical Trends, Current Findings, and Future Prospects
Hussein A Kazem – Sohar University
12.30–13.30 Lunch Break


Oral Presentations (21-27)
Chair: Yeşim Benal Öztekin – Ondokuz Mayıs University
10.00-10.15 OP-21: Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Wireless PTO Torque Measurement System for Agricultural Applications
T.Göktürk Seyhan, Sinem Seyhan
10.15-10.30 OP-22: Recent Developments in Agricultural Machinery and Technologies
M. Metin Özgüven
10.30-10.45 OP-23: Developing Test Method for Automatic Steering Systems
M. Barış Eminoğlu, Uğur Yegül, Ufuk Türker
10.45-11.00 OP-24: Estimation of Some Soil Loss Characteristics using Machine Learning Algorithms
Sema Kaplan, Mustafa Başaran, Günay Erpul
11.00-11.15 OP-25: Effect of Different Drying Temperatures on CO2 Emissions in Acorn Drying
Mahmut Kaplan, Necati Çetin, Seda Günaydın
11.15-11.30 OP-26: Microwave Assisted Convective Drying Effect on Drying Time, Energy, Quality and Bioactive Compounds of the Cantaloupe
Mohammad Kaveh
, Necati Çetin, Yousef Abbaspour- Gilandeh, Kamil Saçılık, Safoura Zadhossein OP-27: Prediction of the Kinetics of Drying Rheum ribes L. by an Infrared-Convective Dryer using Artificial Neural Network and ANFIS
Mohammad Kaveh, Necati Çetin, Faroogh Shaifian, Kamil Saçılık, Sasan Keramt
12.30–13.30 Lunch Break


Oral Presentations (28-32)
Chair: Aaron Turner – Clemson University
13.30-13.45 OP-28: Farm Vehicle and Farm Labor Transportation Crashes in Florida: 2013-2021
Serap Görücü, Madison Moore, Nikolay Bliznyuk
13.45-14.00 OP-29: Implementation and Assessment of an Autonomous Ground Vehicle (AGV) for On-Field Agricultural Operations
Gabriele Sara, Giuseppe Todde, Daniele Pinna, Jonny Waked, Maria Caria
14.00-14.15 OP-30: Criteria of Ecological Pressure on Agricultural Systems
Valentin B. Sapunov
14.15-14.30 OP-31: Rural Development Policy for Water Management Sustainability in Italy: Opportunities to Achieve Water Framework Directive Objectives
Myriam Ruberto, Silvia Chiappini, Marianna Ferrigno, Veronica Manganiello, Alessandro Monteleone, Alessandra Pesce, Raffaella Zucaro, Raffaella Pergamo
14.30-14.45 OP-32: Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment for Cattle Stunning: Case Study
Serap Görücü, Carlos Ospina, Daniel Hofstetter
14.45-15.00 Coffee Break


Oral Presentations (33-37)
Chair: Chyngyz Erkinbaev – University of Manitoba
13.30-13.45 OP-33: Developing a Data-Driven Model for Predicting Water Stress in Pistachio Trees
Azar Alizadeh, Mohsen Farajijalal, Zeinab Rezavani, Aras Toudeshki, Reza Ehsani
13.45-14.00 OP-34: Water Distribution Uniformity of Nozzles for a Hose Reel Irrigation Machine
Selçuk Arslan, Benjamin Bantchina, Melik Kutlu Taşdelen, Nihal Salı, Yücel Tekin, Abdul Muoazen
14.00-14.15 OP-35: Economic Analysis of Subsurface Drainage Systems in North Central Iowa
Kapil Arora, Kelvin Leibold
14.15-14.30 OP-36: Determination of Suitable Shearing Conditions for Effective Pruning of Tree Branches
Saeid Minaei, Mohammad Safvati, Alireza Mahdavian
14.30-14.45 OP-37: Development of Variable Rate Irrigation System for Linear Moving Irrigation Machine
Seyhun Hüseyin Yabacı, Bahattin Akdemir, Murat Gökçe Üngör, Nail Türen
14.45-15.00 Coffee Break


Oral Presentations (38-42)
Chair: Saeid Minaei – Tarbiat Modares University
15.00-15.15 OP-38: Using Composted Cow Manure to Improve Nutrient Content, Aeration Porosity, and Water Retention of Pine Bark-Based Potting Media
Tom O. OwinoJohn P. Chastain, Hunter F. Massey
15.15-15.30 OP-39: Coefficient of Dynamic Wall Friction for Wood Fuel Pellets
Aaron P. TurnerAli Bulent Koc, Ryan H. Dean
15.30-15.45 OP-40: Emerging Smart Biosensors for the Specific and Ultrasensitive Detection of Plant Abiotic Stresses
Keyvan Asefpour Vakilian
15.45-16.00 OP-41: Sexing of Chicken Egg in the Early Incubation Based on the Analysis of Transmission Image
Maho Chihara
, Shinichi Nagaoka, Akane Ogino, Hiroki Tamura, Tomohiko Tasaka, Tetsuhito Suzuki, Yuichi Ogawa, Keiichiro Shiraga, Naoshi Kondo
16.00-16.15 OP-42:  EASY4DIGIT – European Agriculture System for Digital-Based Technologies
Yeşim Benal Öztekin, Kamil Saçılık, Kubilay Vursavuş, Massimo Canalicchio
16.15-16.30 Coffee Break


Oral Presentations (43-47)
Chair: Kapil Arora – Iowa State University
15.00-15.15 OP-43: Determination of the Effect of Technical Parameters which Affect on the Tractor Energy Efficiency
İbrahim Ergül, Ufuk Türker
15.15-15.30 OP-44: Determination of PTO Performance Test Method for Electric Tractors
S. Oğuz Yıldız, Selçuk Olum
15.30-15.45 OP-45: Development of Fertigation System for Hose Reel Irrigation Machines
Turgay Polat, Ahmet Çolak
15.45-16.00 OP-46: Determining the Possibility of Use of the DSSAT Model to Estimate Maize Yield and Water Consumption under Different Irrigation Levels
Sener Özçelik, Sinan Aras, Şuayip Yüzbaşı, Bayram Akyol, Gülay Pamuk Mengü, Erhan Akkuzu, Perihan Tarı Akap
16.00-16.15 OP-47: Enhancing System Understanding, Gathering and Structuring Knowledge to Manage Uncertainty in WEF Systems in Gediz Basin
Sinan Aras, Şener Özçelik, Tuncay Topdemir, Zübeyde Albayram Doğan, Murat Çağatay Keçeci, Vural Karagül, Gülay Yılmaz, Nuri Candan, Gözen Yüceerim, Alican Eren, Ali Ertürk, Stefano Fabiani
16.15-16.30 Coffee Break


Oral Presentations (48-52)
Chair: Giuseppe Todde – University of Sassari
16.30-16.45 OP-48: Determination of Operating Parameters in Milking Robots with Milk First Cow Traffic
Hasan Kuraloğlu, Halil Ünal
16.45-17.00 OP-49: Shear Tests of Grapevine (Vitis Vinifera L.) Canes
Abdullah SessizGültekin Ozdemir, A. Konuralp Eliçin
17.00-17.15 OP-50: Comparison and Evaluation of Vegetation Indices for Image Sensing Systems in Precision Agriculture
Ömer Barış Özlüoymak
17.15-17.30 OP-51: Development of An Autonomous Mobile Robot Prototype for Agricultural Tasks in Greenhouses
Erdem Yıldız, Murad Çanakcı
17.30-17.45 OP-52: Investigation of the Compliance of  the Milking Routine and Pulsator’s Working Characteristics to the Milking Technique in Some Dairy Cattle Farms in Isparta Province
Mwiinga Micheal Milimo, , Zekeriya Görkem Güngör, Ahmet Kamil Bayhan

POSTER SESSION – 17.45-18.30

19.00-20.30 Closing Cocktail


Oral Presentations (53-56)
Chair: Selçuk Arslan – Uludağ University
16.30-16.45 OP-53: Design Approaches of One-Pass Strip-Till Machines
Zeliha Bereket Barut, Serkan Özdemir
16.45-17.00 OP-54: Examination of the Farm Machinery Tests Based on the Testing Institutes and Machinery Producers in Türkiye
Zeynep Demirel Atasoy
17.00-17.15 OP-55: Fine-Tuning Growth Conditions: Leaf-Level Vapor Pressure Deficit Control for Optimized Photosynthesis
T. Göktürk Seyhan, Sinem Seyhan
17.15-17.30 OP-56: The Relationship between CO2 Emissions and Soil Moisture Content Under Different Tillage Methods in Cotton Farming
Tuncay Topdemir, Şener Özçelik
17.30-17.45 OP-57: Chopper System for In-Line Small Square Balers
Sedat Kahraman, İbrahim Ethem Polat, Ali Oral, Sinan Gökçe

Nov. 01, 2023, Wednesday

08.30-14.00 Half day tour in Antalya
POSTER SESSION – 17.45-18.30
PP-1: A method for Multispectral Images Alignment at Different Heights on the Crop
Sabina Laveglia, Giuseppe Altieri
PP-2: Novel SERS Framework for Sulphur Quality Analysis of Pulse Protein
Catherine RJ Findlay, Mohammad Nadimi, Alex C-T Ko, Pankaj Bhowmik, Jitendra Paliwal
PP-3: Convective Drying of Black Chokeberries (A. Melanocarpa) by Different Pretreatments
İsmail Boyar, Hasmet Emre Akman, Nesibe Ebru Yasa Kafkas, Betül Yesil, Sadiye Gözlekçi Kuzu, Can Ertekin
PP-4: Studying the Effect of Surface and Geometry Manipulation on Dew Condensation and Rain Collection in Boreal Field Conditions
Soroush Moradi Zavie Kord, Juuso Tuure, Matti Räsanen, Laura Alakukku, Szabol Galambosi
PP-5: Analysis of Factors affecting Farmers’ Intention to Use Autonomous Ground Vehicles
Jonny Waked, Gabriele Sara, Giuseppe Todde, Daniele Pinna, Georges Hassoun, Maria Caria
PP-6: Uncertain Future Menemen Plain Integrated Management of Agriculture and Nature Based Solutions for Sustainable Soil Management
Vural Karagül, Alican Eren, Tuncay Topdemir, Zübeyde Albayram Doğan, Sinan Aras,  Nuri Candan, Murat Çağatay Keçeci, Gülay Yılmaz, Gözen Yüceerim, Şener Özçelik
PP-7: Investigation of the Performance of a Pneumatic Hazelnut Harvester with Husker Unit Used in Türkiye
Taner Yıldız
PP-8: Transmission Raman Spectroscopy for Inner Layers Chemical Analysis of Fresh Produce
Rani Arielly
PP-9: Hyperbaric Inactivation – a New Pressure-Based Method to Inactivate Bacillus subtilis Endospores at Room Temperature?
Jorge A. Saraiva, Carlos A. Pinto
PP-10: Hyperbaric Storage as a New Food Preservation Methodology to Control the Germination and Development of Clostridium perfringens Spores
Carlos A. Pinto, Jorge A. Saraiva, Alireza Mousakhani
PP-11: Applying Nature-Inspired Optimization and Machine Learning for Strawberry Leaf Scorch Detection and Classification
Mohammad Javidan, Ahmad Banakar, Keyvan Asefpor, Ioannis Ampatzidis, Kamran Rahnama
PP-12: The influence of combustion temperature on the emission of pollutants in a low-power wood biomass boiler
Maciej Joński, Adam Ekielski, WULS, Adam Świętochowski, Jan Joński


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